Meet Your Neighbor – Elke Macartney

Meet Your Neighbor - Elke Macartney

Elke is an adopted Guemes islander – at least by the Guemes "Zumbanistas” who can’t wait to see her radiant, smiling face every Monday and Wednesday mornings at 8:45 a.m. for Zumba Gold classes at the Hall.

Elke first experienced Zumba seven years ago and had so much fun she decided to become an instructor, even going further and acquiring additional Zumba Gold training. She has many other talents in addition to dance - writer, educator, spiritual leader and healer. But sharing her love of dance, keeping people young and helping them dance their way to health is some of the “most joyful work I do” according to Elke.

You simply can’t help but feel good when you’re around Elke. She exudes warmth, compassion, and positivity. You might see her sharing her pure joy of movement and expression through music at one of the many local festivals, shows, and music events. You might even see her inventing a new Zumba routine as she commutes on the Guemes ferry – a process she calls “ferry-ography.”

We invite you to join Elke and the happy Guemes “Zumbanistas” and dance yourself into health with Zumba Gold, a low impact form of Zumba. Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:45 -9:45 AM at the Community Center Hall. Or at least give her a good rock-step or two when you see her on the ferry. Most certainly she'll give you a high-five in return.

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