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Stage Updates

July '20 Update


July 4th usually brings over 400 people to Schoolhouse Park to celebrate the holiday, meet the Guemes Fire Department, picnic with friends and family, and eat a famous Guemes hot dog grilled by community volunteers. Covid-19 is keeping us from gathering this year but there is still cause to celebrate. In addition to Independence Day, celebrate the progress on the GICCA (Guemes Island Community Center Association) Stage Project.


We applaud Strandberg Construction...THANKS FOR THE LIFT! A Strandberg crew of two with their huge Gradall forklift came to the site and lifted 5 of our 7 purlin logs, placing them atop the front "showcase" log and the back beam. This donation of time and equipment saved the GICCA Stage Project thousands of dollars. The Stage crew, Rick Norrie, Tom Fouts, Jep Burdock, John Strathman, and Gerry Bosworth, have worked tirelessly to prep the logs for "The Big Lift." After minor adjustments in the next few days, the logs will be shifted into their final positions, awaiting the roof decking and finished metal roof. Using the equipment on-site, work can proceed on the placement of the last two purlins and three remaining vertical logs. The side walls can then be finished followed by electrical, lighting, and sound.


Community volunteers and community partners working together...

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

— a quote from Bang!Gae


May '20 Update


The weather has been mostly favorable recently and the stage crew has made a lot of progress in the last several weeks. The crew is following the COVID-19 Job Site Requirements that allow some construction projects to resume. The seven purlin logs (the front to back roof supports) have been stripped and sanded and timber oil has been applied. The showcase log, back beam, and nearly all of the vertical logs have also been sanded and oiled. Raising and installing the purlins is the next step and the crew is looking for the most economical and safest method. Installing the remaining two side walls and the wiring will follow.


Please take the time to drive past the park at Guemes Island Road and Edens Road to see the progress on the GICCA Stage first-hand. The crew appreciates a friendly honk and a thumbs up. Rick is happy to answer any questions (while social distancing) if you want to stop outside the gate. Thank you to the community for your continued support as this project moves forward toward completion.


January '20 Update


Work is progressing at the stage, although safety concerns prohibit the crew from working in wet and slippery conditions. The final perimeter vertical logs are now in place on the east side of the foundation. Three remaining vertical logs are stripped, dressed, and ready for placement on the west side after the roof purlins are raised. The crew is working on stripping the seven 33 foot long purlin logs. When the weather permits and the logs are ready, they will be raised atop the main vertical logs and work can begin on the support structure for the roof.  Read more & view latest photos


November '19 Update


As you drive past Schoolhouse Park at Edens Road and Guemes Island Road you can see the latest progress at the GICCA Stage. The "showcase" log, donated by Lorrie Steele, is now in place atop the two front vertical logs, donated by Yadi Young. This large arch frames the beautifully crafted back milled beam that is made from timber from Darrington, WA.  Read more & view latest photos


October '19 Update


We are pleased to report more exciting progress at the stage over the last couple of months. Summer is over and rain has interfered with work on some days. However, our dedicated (and hardy!) crew is still working on most clear days despite the increasing cold. Please stop by the site and cheer them on if you see them working. Snacks or warm coffee are always appreciated. Read more & view latest photos


Stage documents shared at 9/19/19 GICCA public meeting


August '19 Update


Summer has been a busy and productive time for the Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA) Stage Project at Schoolhouse Park. We are excited about our recent progress and renewed momentum!


Here’s a summary of our recent progress:

  • The site has been cleaned up and secured with a construction fence.
  • The deck has been completed.
  • Donated logs have been inspected, graded, peeled, and sanded.
  • Where possible, rot and insect damage are being repaired, and replacement logs have been acquired for those logs that were not salvageable.
  • Donated timbers have been milled into dimensional lumber.
  • Six of the eight main upright logs have been through-bolted in place.

Read more and view latest photos


May '19 Update

GICCA Board Announces New GICCA Stage Project Manager


At the May 16, 2019 Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA) monthly meeting, the GICCA board introduced Rick Norrie as the newly appointed volunteer Stage Project Manager. Rick and his wife, Renee, are longtime islanders. Recently retired, Rick now has more time to give to the Guemes community. He is already a valued member of the Guemes Island Volunteer Fire Department. Rick brings his management skills and construction experience to this long-running community project. Rick is committed to moving forward with a positive attitude that emphasizes cooperation and inclusion.


Progress is already apparent when you drive by Schoolhouse Park. A new secure fence is in place around the construction site to keep the community safe as summer attracts more visitors to the park. The site has been tidied up, materials are being inventoried, and construction schedules are being developed. If you recently donated materials or funds for materials and have not been recognized, please contact Rick or a GICCA board member so that we can thank you for your generous donation and provide you with a tax deduction receipt.


Working with the GICCA board and many of our talented volunteers, Rick is leading this ambitious project toward completion. Please contact Rick Norrie at 360-661-5770 with questions or to volunteer.

Read more


April '19 Update

In preparation for a busy Easter holiday weekend at Schoolhouse Park, a crew of past and present GICCA board members met at the Stage Project construction site for a Spring cleanup.


One of the hoop houses is no longer needed and was removed. The second will come down soon in preparation for the arrival of fill dirt. The deck platform is very close to completion which will signal the end of Phase I of the project. Thank you to Mike Gwost, Jorge and Bill Clark for your work on the deck.


Construction has gone on much longer than anticipated and our building permit has expired with no extensions remaining. Phase II will require better planning and a new building permit. The GICCA board is responsive to the community's desire to see the project finished. An updated Volunteer Waiver Form must be completed by all volunteers and submitted to GICCA (updated forms are also available at the stage). Please contact Barb Ohms or Rob Schroder if you have questions on the steps ahead.


March '18 Update

The weather this winter has kept even the hardiest of our volunteers from working on the Stage the last few months. The Community Center Association has the Phase I plan laid out. Our project manager, Rob Schroder, is working with longtime islander and retired builder, Jep Burdock to complete some electrical work before we can finish the decking. Next, we need a stretch of dry weather and more fill dirt before we can finish the grading. When that's done and the hoop houses are removed, we will have a performance platform that can be used.


With Rob and Jep's guidance and a good community effort of cooperation, we could complete Phase I this summer. A tribute to Banjo Eddie would be a fitting inaugural first performance for the stage.


September '17 Update

Volunteers have been hard at work on Phase 1 of the Stage Project. Key word here - "volunteers". Many islanders are giving their time and talents to further progress on the stage, and for that, we're very grateful. The current work happening is part of Phase 1.


If you'd like to volunteer, there are jobs of every level that need hands - from staining wood to hammering and sawing. You don't need prior construction experience for many of the tasks, just a desire to help and hands ready to work.


Jep Burdock, a long-time islander and retired builder, is generously lending his expertise to the stage project. Many thanks to Todd Figenshow, Michael Grennell, and Scott Parker who are working with Rob Schroder, project manager, and Jep to keep island volunteers involved. Anyone who wants to volunteer should contact one of these individuals or email us at to find out about volunteer opportunities. Be sure to fill out a Volunteer Waiver Form available by clicking HERE (updated, 4/2019) or at the site.