Meet Your Neighbor – Michael Brown and Cheryl Mansley

Meet Your Neighbors - Michael Brown and Cheryl Mansley

Guemes Island is home to many talented professionals. Some come here to retire and others actively run their businesses from the island. Michael Brown and Cheryl Mansley moved to Guemes in September 2015 and launched Skagit Signal four months later. They have been the saviors for many of us with wifi, computer, website, smart TV and cell reception issues.

Michael has 30 years of Information Technology experience, including 15 years with a Fortune 500 company and several years as a Software Consultant for complex manufacturing facilities.

Cheryl has over thirty years of teaching experience, including 27 years as an Events Producer and several years as an Events Management Consultant and Expressive Arts Director.

Together, they have combined their skills to create a company that provides honest, reliable, and knowledgeable technical assistance to residential and commercial customers.

In today’s world, entertainment, information and communication needs are fulfilled via phones, computers, tablets and televisions. Mike and Cheryl use their expertise and experience to give consumers and businesses the connectivity they depend on to fulfill these needs. They are a welcome and valued part of our community. Thanks to this talented and creative couple for keeping us all connected!

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