Meet Your Neighbor – Kelsea Teel

Meet Your Neighbor - Kelsea Teel

The Guemes Ferry: The union of sea, boat, and passenger.
Flow Yoga: The union of breath, body, and mind.

As one of crew of the Guemes, Kelsea Teel is a familiar face to many who ride the Guemes Ferry. Beginning January 5, Kelsea will be providing 8 weeks of Flow Yoga. Classes are free of charge on Friday mornings at 10:00 at the Community Center Hall on Guemes Island.

After nine years of her own Yoga practice, Kelsea recently began instructor training through YogaFit. Part of the process is providing Yoga as a community service. This allows her the opportunity to connect her personal practice with the ability to share Yoga with others. YogaFit is designed to teach Yoga to everybody in EVERY BODY in a way that is safe and adaptable regardless of your age group, body type, fitness level or experience. This philosophy centers on letting go of judgment, competition, and expectations. YogaFit includes many aspects of practice including Flow Yoga, or Vinyasa. It is called "flow" because of the smooth way that the poses run together with each movement synchronized to a breath.

Kelsea says, "I am excited and truly grateful for the opportunity to extend the gift of Yoga to the Guemes community. Thank you for your patience and support through my process of instructor certification."

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GIHS January Program – “Everything Tiki”

GIHS January Program - "Everything Tiki"

Start the new year off with a taste of Polynesia, Guemes Style! Kim Westenhaver will be presenting a profile of his father Bill Westenhaver, a long time resident of Guemes Island and co-founder of Western International Trading Company based in Mt Vernon, Washington.


Our presentation begins at 7 pm, January 8th at the Guemes Island Church. All are welcome to attend. The presentation will be followed by the GIHS monthly business meeting. Hope to see you there!


Bill, who was a cartoonist and graphic artist, found his niche as a home furnishing designer and maker. “Witco” specialized in satisfying the “Tiki craze” with a variety of Polynesian inspired products, beginning in the 1950's and running well into the 1970's. His work was sold internationally and included clients from all walks of life, among which were a variety of celebrities such as Elvis Presley. Bill, who passed away in December of 2016, had a special fondness for Guemes Island and his family continues to enjoy their island home-away-from-home along Guemes' West Beach. Join us as Kim shares his father's story.

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