“A Very Guemes Adventure”

"A Very Guemes Adventure"

In our February newsletter we introduced you to "A Very Guemes Adventure" a trip to link the 4 Guemeses of the world - Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and Guemes Island, Washington. The adventurous group is comprised of Ernesto Bustio Crespo, Francisco Gonzalez-Sainz Güemes, Alfredo Mazas Crespo, Marina Hervás Muños and, hopefully, Julio Ceballos Rodríguez.


The travelers leave Spain on April 4 and arrive on Guemes Island on April 22 - visiting first Argentina and Mexico along the way. The Guemes Island Community Center Association plans to host an evening at the Hall for islanders to meet our traveling friends and hear their story. More details about their trip and their Guemes Island visit will be provided as plans develop.

Click here to learn more about the travelers.