A ‘Very Guemes’ Adventure

A 'Very Guemes' Adventure

A Guemes Islander Visits Guemes, Spain

by Wendy Gingell


We recently had the great pleasure of meeting Ernesto Bustio and friends at his amazing albergue in Guemes, Spain, which, by the way, in many ways seems quite similar to Guemes Island, WA (both geographically and population-wise). When we arrived, we were greeted with an incredible meal and exceptional hospitality. Following the meal, we were given a tour of Ernesto’s albergue (pilgrim's shelter), which hosts over 11,000 folks every year.


The albergue includes an amazing library with an extensive slide collection, a museum regarding his Land Rover travels around the world and a lovely meditation room with fantastic original artworks. Ernesto’s albergue is top notch, one of the best on the Camino de Santiago, in our opinion and, more importantly, Camino guide reviews - though Ernesto would be embarrassed by this. Ernesto is an exceptional person, a real inspiration to meet. Ernesto is 80 but probably in better shape than most people we know.


Ernesto and friends were lovely. We’re so thrilled that Guemes Island has been so responsive to Ernesto in his interest in meeting others in other Guemes communities around the world. If you have the chance, we’d really recommend connecting with Ernesto and friends while they are on Guemes, you won’t regret it.


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