Meet Your Neighbors – Dan Burnett & Stephanie Woolworth

Meet Your Neighbors - Dan Burnett & Stephanie Woolworth

Dan Burnett and Stephanie Woolworth will marry on August 18, 2018. They are embraced by the Guemes Island community, family, and friends.


Stephanie was born during a Guemes Ferry outage as her mother, Phyllis, had to be “ferried” by other means to the hospital in Anacortes for the birth. A true “Guemes Girl,” Stephanie grew up with a love of animals, nature, art, and music. She has traveled extensively abroad to China, Australia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Ecuador, France, and England. She is back and will begin married life on Guemes.


Dan’s college degrees in Spanish, music, and philosophy led him to join the Peace Corps in 2006. He was assigned to Bolivia where he built wells and worked on basic sanitation. As Dan immersed himself in the local community, he taught English, played soccer, and learned the indigenous music and native dialects. He was as well loved in Bolivia as he is now on Guemes Island. Dan began work as a rural postal carrier in Anacortes in 2010 and occasionally substituted for the Guemes route. Now a full-time resident, Dan built a “green” home with his own artistic touches in the southeast corner of the Island, which he will share with his wife Stephanie.


Stephanie and Dan found each other and common ground in international travel, art, and music. Their involvement with community, congregation, and family reflects their love for each other. Congratulations to this Guemes couple on their upcoming wedding!

More Guemes Connections

More Guemes Connections

A note (dated July 8) from a friend of Bill and Ann Testerman who is walking the Camino ....


"I spent the last couple days in Guemes (Spain) at the albuergue with Father Ernesto. It was such a SMALL WORLD feeling. He was 'over the top excited' that we were another set of emissaries from the burgeoning friendship between worldwide Guemeses. In fact, he brought out all the photo collages he had made of his trip to Guemes Island - including one that had Bill and Ann's photo in it.  And, in fact, on his parish church, there was still the banner up from the potluck on Guemes Island. His albuergue is stunning and one of the best on the northern route (that we've seen)."


Such a wonderful bond has been forged by our island's warm welcome and enthusiastic embrace of Father Ernesto and his mission to connect the Guemeses of the world!

Documentary Films at the Hall

Documentary Films At The Hall

Plane Truths


Recent expansion of Navy training activities in the Northwest has many local residents concerned. Community members on Whidbey Island, the San Juans, and the Olympic Peninsula are disturbed by an increase in noise caused by new EA-18G “Growler” jets based at Naval Air Station Whidbey (NAS)—and a proposed expansion of daily Growler test flights. On Whidbey, communities have been additionally impacted by water system pollution caused by chemicals used for firefighting on NAS landing strips.


The new 30-minute film Plane Truths explores a variety of perspectives on these issues from farmers, current and retired military personnel, environmentalists and other citizens of the affected areas. Viewers will learn how the noise of the Growler jets has affected daily life and business operations in many communities, the regional environmental impacts of expanded Growler flights and newly approved Navy training in Olympic National Forest, potential economic ramifications of increased Navy activity and associated population growth, and the status of—and Navy response to—water system pollution on Whidbey Island. Learn more


Hear Our Olympics


This documentary film was made in partnership with the National Parks Conservation Association as part of their Hear Our Olympics Campaign. NPCA recognizes Olympic National Park and its wild surroundings as a unique part of America's natural heritage. The park is a sanctuary, offering peace, solitude and the opportunity to enjoy rare quiet and the sounds of nature. The NPCA is encouraging the National Park Service to designate Olympic National Park as a certified Quiet Park to help preserve its wild character and rare soundscape.


The wild Olympic Peninsula is like nowhere else. It has been recognized as a national park, a wilderness area, an International Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site, and the quietest space in the lower 48. Yet, the park's rare and distinctive soundscape is threatened by new and unnatural noises: Navy electronic warfare training by jets in the skies over the park. Hear Our Olympics examines this threat and the challenges it poses to the park's soundscape as well as to U.S. military veterans.

Bryan Bowers Autoharp Concert

Bryan Bowers Autoharp Concert

Having begun as a street singer in Seattle, Bowers is now a world-renowned artist known for his instrumental virtuosity on the autoharp, as well as his singing, songwriting, and storytelling.


Bowers redefined the autoharp with his avant-garde finger-picking style, which he initially brought to bluegrass performances with The Dillards in the ‘70s. He’s a member of the Autoharp Hall of Fame, alongside the great Maybelle Carter. And, after winning the stringed instrument open category of Frets Magazine's poll five years in a row, he became a member of their "Gallery of Greats" with other luminaries such as Chet Atkins, Tony Rice, Mark O’Connor, and David Grisman.


Bowers has a huge stage presence, not because he stands six-feet-four, but because his performance is dynamic and captivating. He’s personable, down-to-earth and engages easily with his audience. The show on August 11th will not only be Bryan's first on Guemes, it will be a celebration of his 78th birthday! So, come, enjoy and share in singing a round of "Happy Birthday" when we cut the cake during intermission!


This concert will take place at the Guemes Island Community Center, Saturday, August 11th at 7:00 p.m. Admission is $15/person suggested donation at the door. Refreshments and beverages will be served during intermission. For more information, contact Cheryl Mansley at 304-702-0554 or

Howard Pellet, President of GIPOA, presents Barb with Citizen Of The Year award.

Meet Your Neighbor – Barb Ohms

Meet Your Neighbor - Barb Ohms

Guemes Island Property Owners Association's
Citizen Of The Year, 2018

On June 9, 2018, the Guemes Island Property Owners Association (GIPOA) voted at its annual membership meeting to award the "Guemes Island Citizen Of The Year" to Barb Ohms. This award is presented once a year to a Guemes Island resident or residents who have given outstanding service to the Guemes Island community. Barb was recognized for her outstanding leadership as president of the Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA) and for her involvement with a number of other island organizations.


As GICCA's president, Barb’s inclusive leadership style and active engagement have fostered teamwork and progress on a number of important community projects and committees. If you need to schedule an event at the Hall, she’s the gal to call. Barb's also the keeper of the comprehensive, island-wide Events Calendar on the GICCA website.


Barb is an organizer with Guemes CERT, a Gathering Lunch cook, and can be found volunteering at most island events. Barb's commitment to the Guemes community is evidenced by her ongoing efforts to partner with and support other island organizations and to build on the work done by previous leaders to improve the many aspects of life on Guemes Island.


Congratulations Barb! The Guemes Island community thanks you for your dedication, commitment, and hard work on behalf of all Islanders!


Photo: Howard Pellett, GIPOA President, presents Barb Ohms with the Citizen Of The Year award. Also pictured are Julie Pingree and Bob Stickrod. Photo credit: Carol Pellett