Meet Your Neighbors – Dan Burnett & Stephanie Woolworth

Meet Your Neighbors - Dan Burnett & Stephanie Woolworth

Dan Burnett and Stephanie Woolworth will marry on August 18, 2018. They are embraced by the Guemes Island community, family, and friends.


Stephanie was born during a Guemes Ferry outage as her mother, Phyllis, had to be “ferried” by other means to the hospital in Anacortes for the birth. A true “Guemes Girl,” Stephanie grew up with a love of animals, nature, art, and music. She has traveled extensively abroad to China, Australia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Ecuador, France, and England. She is back and will begin married life on Guemes.


Dan’s college degrees in Spanish, music, and philosophy led him to join the Peace Corps in 2006. He was assigned to Bolivia where he built wells and worked on basic sanitation. As Dan immersed himself in the local community, he taught English, played soccer, and learned the indigenous music and native dialects. He was as well loved in Bolivia as he is now on Guemes Island. Dan began work as a rural postal carrier in Anacortes in 2010 and occasionally substituted for the Guemes route. Now a full-time resident, Dan built a “green” home with his own artistic touches in the southeast corner of the Island, which he will share with his wife Stephanie.


Stephanie and Dan found each other and common ground in international travel, art, and music. Their involvement with community, congregation, and family reflects their love for each other. Congratulations to this Guemes couple on their upcoming wedding!