Meet Your (Backyard) Neighbors

Meet Your (Backyard) Neighbors

Guemes Island owl photos by Ian Woofenden, Connie Snell, and Deb Strathman


Whoooo's your neighbor?


Does your neighbor have a quiet and wise demeanor? Does s/he exude an air of mystery and diffidence? Do you hear him/her calling out at night? Does s/he hang out on your back fence and stare at anything that moves? Strange behavior for a neighbor? Not if s/he's an owl! What a hoot!

Thank you to all the islanders and visitors who attended the presentation by Paul Bannick, Owl: A Year in the Lives of North American Owls, on Saturday September 22. Paul's talk was informative and accompanied by his fabulous photographs of owls from the desert Southwest to the frozen arctic. The proceeds benefit the Guemes Island Environmental Trust.

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