Guemes Adds Ten New CERT Graduates!

Guemes Adds Ten New CERT Graduates!

Congratulations and thank you to the ten participants who completed the recent 6-week, on-island CERT training and the day-long Final CERT Exercise in Anacortes on Nov. 3 and are now certified as trained Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) members.


Sandy Seifried, Leslie Tysseling, Dana McCarthy, Joanne & Michael Gray, Tom Godwin, Ginny Sherif, Mark & Barb Ohms, and Barbara Schnabel now join Randy Schnabel and Darla Gay Smith, who were previously certified, as part of our Guemes CERT team. Twenty other islanders came to one or more of the on-island classes. CERT information and hands-on emergency training will benefit families and the community in an emergency.


A special thank you goes out to the Guemes Island Fire Department, especially Olivia Snell and Gerry Francis, as well as Kendrick, Rick, Nancy, Fran, and Larry. These dedicated volunteers assisted with the emergency medical and first aid classes, basic fire suppression, and safe extraction exercises.


Anyone who is interested in learning to be a HAM radio operator, please contact CERT at for information. HAM radios may be the only functional communication method in a major disaster. Be prepared and become part of the radio NETwork.


For more information about CERT on Guemes and to find out who your neighborhood leaders are, see the CERT link under Helpful Links on the Home page of this site.

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