GICCA Stage Project Update

GICCA Stage Project Update



NEW: Stage documents shared at 9/19/19 GICCA public meeting


Summer has been a busy and productive time for the Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA) Stage Project at Schoolhouse Park. We are excited about our recent progress and renewed momentum!


Here’s a summary of our progress:

  • The site has been cleaned up and secured with a construction fence.
  • The deck has been completed.
  • Donated logs have been inspected, graded, peeled, and sanded.
  • Where possible, rot and insect damage are being repaired, and replacement logs have been acquired for those logs that were not salvageable.
  • Donated timbers have been milled into dimensional lumber.
  • Six of the eight main upright logs have been through-bolted in place.


In the days ahead, there will be some fine-tuning and additional finishing on the uprights, along with the following scheduled projects that we want to complete before the rains begin:

  • Install the rear main beam on the four back uprights.
  • Install the back and side wing walls.
  • Erect the two front upright logs.
  • Install the front main beam.
  • Erect the eight side-perimeter upright logs.
  • Pour a pad for the soundboard and flagpole.
  • Peel, sand, and install the purlins.


Further projects include installing the roof decking and roof, completing the lighting and electrical work, hauling in and grading fill dirt, and landscaping. Some plan changes have been necessary because of availability and condition of materials and budget concerns. Our structural engineer has approved any structural changes, and the county-approved building plans are being followed.


Our volunteer construction team is led by Project Manager Rick Norrie, who was appointed earlier this year by the GICCA board to accelerate the work schedule and finish the project. Retired island designer Jep Burdock serves as a consultant and brings his vast experience as a timber frame builder. Tom Fouts donates his time, heavy equipment, and his considerable operational skills. Experienced woodworker John Strathman has been preparing and restoring logs. Adam Mimnaugh has loaned his portable log mill so lumber can be milled from donated timber at the site. Volunteers are always welcome to pitch in.


Those wishing to volunteer are encouraged to contact Rick Norrie at 360-661-5770 for upcoming work schedules and tasks ahead. Visitors are welcome to visit when Rick or a GICCA board member is at the site. We are happy to give you a tour of the project, show you the plans that are being followed, and answer any questions. GICCA President Barb Ohms can be contacted at 303-521-9094 for any questions regarding the project history, timeline, and budget.


August 16 marked the 10th anniversary of the conception of the GICCA Stage Project. GICCA board members have changed numerous times in the past decade, as have project managers, budgets, fiduciary control, and project oversight. What has remained the same is dedication to the goal of building a safe and enjoyable outdoor venue where islanders can share their talents. We are confident we are now on track and we thank the community for your patience and continued support. We all look forward to coming together soon in celebration of the Stage completion. This project began with a community celebration. Let it end with the same spirit of celebration.

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