GICCA Stage Project Update, Jan ’20

GICCA Stage Project Update, Jan '20


Work is progressing at the stage, although safety concerns prohibit the crew from working in wet and slippery conditions. The final perimeter vertical logs are now in place on the east side of the foundation. Three remaining vertical logs are stripped, dressed, and ready for placement on the west side after the roof purlins are raised. The crew is working on stripping the seven 33 foot long purlin logs. When the weather permits and the logs are ready, they will be raised atop the main vertical logs and work can begin on the support structure for the roof.

Thanks to Gerry Bosworth for helping to develop an electrical plan and completing the preliminary rough-in for receptacles. Rick Norrie, Tom Fouts, John Strathman, and Jep Burdock round out the crew as we move gradually along toward completion of this long-awaited project.

Thank you to the many community members who donated to the Stage Project and other GICCA funds during our recent fundraising campaign.