GICCA 2023 Bylaws Updates

2023 GICCA Bylaws Revisions

The Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA) is reviewing its bylaws throughout 2023 to ensure compliance with the new Washington State Nonprofit Law.  We will review and vote on one or more sections per month at the General Meeting.  Proposed bylaws amendments are posted below for discussion and voting at the next meeting: please review and come to the meeting to discuss and vote.

To be discussed at the March 24, 2023 meeting:

ARTICLE III (Membership) Proposed Changes

Adopted at the February 21, 2023 meeting:

ARTICLES l and II Adopted 2-21-23

Minor Revision to Article VIII Section 2

Bylaws Review Schedule

(Board assignments subject to change)

  • February—Vote on minor change to Section VIII Meetings; Article I (Name), II (Purpose) Lisa
  • March—Article III (Membership) Lisa
  • April—Article IV (Finances) Nancy
  • May—Article V (Governing Board) Libby
  • June—Article VI (Liability and Indemnification) Nancy
  • August—Article VII (Election of the Governing Board) Jon
  • September—Article VIII (Meetings) Jon
  • October—Article IX (Amendments) Gale
  • November—Article X (Dissolution) [WHO?]