GICCA Facilities & Forms

GICCA Facilities & Forms


Updated Hall Use Policy, Effective March 12, 2020


The Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA) is working to follow COVID-19 rules and recommendations from Washington State, Skagit County, and Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Masks, immunizations, and sanitizing procedures continue to be the best methods of preventing illness. The pre-COVID Hall capacity returns to 150 because masks are being required. The following rules are subject to change.



1. To protect community members with underlying health conditions or who may be susceptible to illness, we continue to REQUIRE MASKS for public gatherings indoors.
2. Public events may serve snacks and beverages which do allow for brief periods of mask removal. It is strongly recommended that snacks and beverages be served outside.
3. When you enter… STOP and wash or sanitize your hands as a first action.
4. Hand sanitizing stations are provided.
5. No one may enter this building if they have a COVID-19 diagnosis or have been in
contact with someone who was diagnosed within the past week.
6. Periodically sanitize all touch surfaces during any event.


7. COVID-19 immunizations and boosters are strongly recommended.
8. Masks are recommended, but not required, for private parties such as a family reunion.
9. Increased ventilation is recommended. Opening doors, windows and adding box fans
can improve airflow within the building.
10. Social distancing of 6’ is recommended for use of this building.


Effective March 12, 2022
Subject to Change



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