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MoreCompany TypeCompany NameCompany PhoneCompany Contact
Realtors The Mayo Home Team 360-770-1670 Jacki Mayo
Realtors Windermere Real Estate - Anacortes Properties 360-202-0041 Margi Houghton
Renewable Energy Ian Woofenden 360-770-1520 Ian Woofenden
Stores Guemes Island General Store 360-293-4548
Stores Guemes Island Resort 360-293-6643
Water Taxi Island Express Charters 299-2875 or 661-7286
Water Taxi Paraclete Charters 360-293-5920

*Note: This directory is offered as a community service and is not intended for commercial purposes. Listings were originally obtained by the Guemes Island Property Owners Association (GIPOA) directly from islanders and updated as part of the 2017-2018 directory publishing cycle. At the Jan 18, 2018 Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA) public meeting, a motion was made by a GIPOA member and approved by attendees to transfer responsibility for the directory from GIPOA to GICCA.


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