Guemes Residential Directory

Guemes Residential Directory

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MoreFirst NameLast NameAddressPhone
James (Salty) Allen 4723 West Shore Road 360-293-4758
Jeffry & Linda May Allen 7114 Upland Drive 360-293-4071
Anthony Allison 7404 Holiday Boulevard 206-818-5284
Nancy Allison 7404 Holiday Boulevard 206-465-2026
Nick Allison 7202 Channel View Drive 206-920-3170
Tony Aman 5927 Upper Hollow Lane
Andy (Byron) & Ineke (Pauline) Anderson 7348 Ocean Acres Lane 360-293-6936
Bob Anderson 6966 Holiday Boulevard 360-293-3770 C 360-420-0340
Jan Anderson 7657 Hideaway Lane 206-619-9246
Karen Anderson 7306 Channel View Drive 206-953-6720

*Note: This directory is offered as a community service and is not intended for commercial purposes. Listings were originally obtained by the Guemes Island Property Owners Association (GIPOA) directly from islanders and updated as part of the 2017-2018 directory publishing cycle. At the Jan 18, 2018 Guemes Island Community Center Association (GICCA) public meeting, a motion was made by a GIPOA member and approved by attendees to transfer responsibility for the directory from GIPOA to GICCA.


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