Jon Prescott

Hello daily newscast. I welcome you into my home because I want to know what’s happening. But all these pandemic predictions just make me want to rush to Costco and buy 200 rolls of toilet paper!  Instead, I’ll turn off the TV and breathe.
All around the world, people are ill and afraid, unable to breathe freely. Someday, I too may have this experience.
But now, in this wonderful moment, right here on this couch, I breathe in peace.


Across the vineyards of Bordeaux, the plazas of Rome, and the meditation halls of Zen monasteries, bells ring out and recall us to ourselves. These bells of mindfulness remind us to stop whatever we’re doing in order to pay attention to what is beautiful, nourishing, and healing. Could COVID-19 also be a bell of mindfulness? Can this pandemic remind us to stop
and touch the preciousness of our fleeting lives? Our island community, our fresh air, the budding spring flowers, and returning Robins are easy to overlook without bells of mindfulness.


COVID-19, I hear you. Thank you for reminding me to stop. Thank you for reminding me
to notice this precious life.

David Wertheimer

As I have adopted the need for social distancing during the current times, I have increased the amount of walking I am doing on the island as my primary exercise.  Whether on the roads, or in the woods, or on the beach, I have come to appreciate that, if we must be more physically isolated from the larger world, Guemes is a pretty magical place to have to do this.  In addition, I have consistently enjoyed interacting (at a safe distance!) with the other Island folk I have encountered on my walks, and the sweet, gentle nature of our ways with each other that reinforce the specialness of our life on the island.  May we appreciate one another even more in the present crisis, and share our appreciation for each other and this unique island, even as we are called to remember and assist those in other places that may face greater challenges than we face here in our own spectacular isolation from the world.

Sarah (Sibley) Banning

At some point, we all shared the dream of living on this island (save for those who were lucky to be born here). We craved the open space, the connection to water, the surroundings of nature. We yearned to leave the busy, crowded city. Now, here we are. We’ve manifested and created the life we wanted. We got what we asked for! We are living the dream.

Perhaps now we are being given the opportunity to dig even deeper into our island lives. Simplify. Forage. Explore. Slow down. That’s what island living is all about. We (most of us) can’t go to work. So, that leaves us time to just be, here, on our island. We can appreciate this life we wanted. We can appreciate all that surrounds us. We can breathe in (cautiously allergy sufferers) all the green, lusciousness of the forests and the saltiness of the sea air, and breathe out the stress of life on the other side of the channel. We’ve got all we need right here. Our loved ones, our community, our animals. We can cultivate whatever situation we want in our lives. Right now.

Barb Ohms from the Holstee Reflections

Support each other. In difficult times, it’s easy to think we are alone, especially with the currently prescribed “social distancing.” Reach out to those you care about — but instead of just trading fears and anxieties, try bringing a positive element to the conversation. Let your loved ones know you are thinking about them and tell them something you appreciate about them. Spreading the love is a great way to feel the love. Support others and you will feel supported.